I was diagnosed with “Triple Negative” breast cancer on November 15, 2012. That’s the one they call the “crazy” one. Yes, I did my regular checkups. In fact, I was on a six-month schedule because my breast was Fibrocystic. I couldn’t tell a cyst from a lump, so I usually wait for my Radiologist to inform me of the results from my mammogram. No, not a good idea, but hind-sight is always 20-20. Wow!! To my dismay, a positive biopsy?! No! Not me. I did all the necessary steps to ensure that I wouldn’t be a statistic. But, sometimes it’s just your turn. I believe that God has a reason for allowing me to experience this journey; His purpose is to bring glory to Him. With constant encouragement from my family and close friends, I was able to hold my head up high to the hills where my help comes from; the Lord. One of the first phone calls I made on that day was to my prayer partner, Cynthia Howie, and I’ll never forget her response. She said, “How do you know that the Lord didn’t tell Satan, as He said to Job, ‘have you considered my servant, Elaine?'” From that moment, I was able to bring some sort of reality to my new found circumstance.

My journey is not much different from many others with a cancer diagnosis, but my approach is different. I believe I was specifically chosen to inform and alert my cancer journey to others in a different platform; through Drama. Through this medium, viewers can visualize it, and perhaps, it their circumstance can become more real to them as they “see” and “hear” my story.

While at home dealing with my circumstance, the Lord allowed me to write a play. This play is slightly based on my cancer story, but with a few different twists and turns to bring out the points necessary to allow viewers to fully understand the spiritual, emotional, and physiological impact of a cancer diagnosis on the afflicted.

The play has been in various venues in the DMV, and we’re now looking into turning the play into a short film as a means of informing, instructing and inspiring audiences worldwide.