David Graham
Samuel Forster

David was born in Wilmington, DE. He is happily married with four children. He has four brothers and three sisters. David has acted in three other plays in recent years at various venues in the Washington, DC area. Additionally, he is a talented poet. Although acting is one of his favorite past-times, singing is also one of his greatest talents. He has been singing for 30 years. He sang with quartet groups from 1988 to 1998. He is a born again Christian and his faith is the rock upon which he exists. He believes that God has kept him and ordained his path throughout his life, and will continue to do so as He sees fit. David believes that it is faith and trust in God that keeps him grounded in an ever changing and tumultuous world of confusion. It is God that ordains the path of any true ministry, and that ministry is meant to heal His people. David says: “I, therefore, count it a privilege to be allowed to present the word of God in Theater, or any other fashion as I remind a dying world that Christ came not merely to save us, but also to heal us and give us an abundant life. He offers a life of love, peace, joy, happiness, and healing to all who will but ask!”