Jacqueline Shukur-Powelll

Jacqueline Shukur-Powell, a native of Washington, DC and former resident of Los Angeles, CA, is an accomplished producer and director. She is also an avid film, stage and manuscript writer with three short films, two feature screenplays, and one novel in the making. Powell obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Hampton University, and studied for her Master in Fine Arts degree in Film Studies at Howard University. A professional in the media industry, she is a Production Coordinator at National Geographic Television and responsible for the following successful series: World’s Toughest Fixes, Undercover History, and Masters of Disaster. Jacquie has much experience in television as well as film. In addition to writing, Powell has years of experience in videography and acting, having been featured in more than five short films and more than 17 plays. Powell’s immediate goal is to become a household name in television, film and stage by producing family-friendly, provocative and motivational entertainment. Look for more to come in the entertainment industry from Jacqueline Shukur-Powell.