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Join us at Capitol plz Bowling, 4601 Cooper Ln, Hyattsville, MD on Sat. Nov. 19th, 4-6pm,7pm meet & greet, $25 donation,(incl shoes, 2 games, pizza & drink,1 free raffle) Click donate for tkts or call Ceozie 202-213-4960, or Elaine 301-523-0120 for info

"Theatre heals and soothes the soul, it excites our senses and allows a momentary escape. We relate to and share in the actor's experience. We cry, we laugh and, at times, we may even dislike our new found friend. We leave feeling refreshed and energized, ready to face reality once again."

Elaine Blyden Hutchinson


Our intention is to relay a message of ’HOPE‘ - Helping Ordinary People Excel. 


Our organization's main purpose is to present plays, workshops, seminars and educational services that Educate, Evangelize and Entertain.  Our Plays, conferences, and special events deal with health, relational, and spiritual issues.  We hope that our efforts guide and restructure  mindsets that result in living frutiful and productive lives.